Alignd is a go-to-market advisory

Is your social selling effort not generating pipeline lift?

Your top of funnel team needs to be in alignment for social to work. We help you achieve that with training, enablement, and consulting.

What We Do

You don't need an evangelist to win on social.

We have run over 200+ experiments on social with sellers and sales teams, helping them book hundreds of meetings and close deals.

Here's the secret: you need a process, not a prayer.

Our social prospecting framework is a proven, repeatable process that allows any seller to use social as a primary channel.

No personal brand required.

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We help teams use social as a primary prospecting channel.

Social prospecting training

Get your team trained on the fundamentals of social for outbound and inbound.

Social enablement playbooks

Don't let momentum stop once training is over. Get playbooks and ongoing coaching.

Top of funnel and go-to-market alignment

Sometimes you need more than just training. Get your top of funnel activities in alignment.

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Built in public by a marketer and a seller.

Once upon a time, a brand strategist and an enterprise seller came together to discuss common problems in B2B.

They soon realized they had more in common than they thought. And so they embarked on a quest to reinvent the way companies generated their top of funnel.

What did they do?

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