Once upon a time, a brand strategist and an enterprise seller came together...

And created a live show, the B2B Power Hour, to discuss common problems in marketing and sales.

The enterprise seller (Nick) was frustrated by how ineffective marketing was in generating qualified pipeline. All the content marketing plans generated a lot of visibility and noise but usually didn't contribute to great revenue. Marketing seemed like a waste of money.

The brand strategist (Morgan) was confused why sellers continued to use the worst tricks in the book: interrupting their prospects, bothering them into submission, and not creating a great client experience. Sales teams seemed like they missed the memo.

Over months of discussion, they started to realize they had more in common than they thought.

  • Sellers needed more upfront work for prospecting and account strategy
  • Marketing needed to integrate their content with the way the sales team handles inbound
  • Social was a massive opportunity for individual sellers and marketers
  • Creating more top of funnel didn't guarantee more revenue
  • Creating pipeline momentum is the key discipline of sustained growth

In the ensuing year, they began refining their approach to social. Social was a happy medium between sales & marketing: a big testing ground for an individual to succeed. They purchased every guidebook to social on the market and ran every experiment. Connection requests, pitching, cadences, content, event strategies, and more.

And after they tested, they realized that most companies got it wrong. Social wasn't just about "employee advocacy" or personal branding. It was a sales channel with a massive upside, if used correctly. They put their brains together and developed PROACTIVE, the framework to help sales teams use social without needing an evangelist.

Alignd was born. As a GTM and sales advisory firm, we help top of funnel teams create pipeline momentum with training, enablement, and consulting.

Today the B2B Power Hour has evolved into a resource for sellers to learn modern sales with industry experts. A rotating coterie of guests offer insights and training for sales reps & AEs to power up their approach. If you haven't checked out the show, you should click here.

Morgan Smith, Managing Partner at Alignd

Managing Partner

Brand strategist & marketer

Morgan started his career as a website designer when Web 2.0 was just finding its feet. You know – those days when having 2K followers on Twitter was a big. deal. and most websites were still pinch-and-zoom when visiting from an iPhone 3G.

Morgan left his coding days behind as he took on larger brand projects for internet providers, B2B manufacturers, and tech companies. His most exciting brand project came in 2018 for a city, which attracted $100MM+ of investment and hundreds of jobs.

At Alignd, Morgan is the inbound specialist: auditing content, messaging, and the end-to-end buying experience. Ask him about his favorite books, favorite whiskies, and his annual tradition with his father.

Nicholas Thickett, Managing Partner at Alignd

Managing Partner

Enterprise seller & management consultant

Nick's experience in investment banking earned him a 10-year gag order due to the public nature and size of deals he was involved in. So while we can't disclose some of the more spectacular stories, here's what we can say.

After selling his successful insurance practice, Nick entered into M&A and turnaround work. He found and closed 7 and 8 figure deals, repositioned companies in 90 days for acquisition, and took a partnership approach to key players in traditional B2B industries. He has since been a sales trainer and coach for fast-growing sales teams.

At Alignd, Nick is the outbound specialist: auditing prospecting, workflows, and methodologies of the sales team. Ask him about his award-winning homebrewing, his woodworking, and his adorable rescue dog Zoë.

You don't need an evangelist to win on social.

We have run over 200+ experiments on social with sellers and sales teams, helping them book hundreds of meetings and close deals.

Here's the secret: you need a process, not a prayer.

Our social prospecting framework is a scalable, consistent process that allows any seller to use social as a primary channel.

No personal brand required.

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